Cuteblog 11ty for eleventy generator static site SEO

SEO blog template with cute design for eleventy 11ty modern generator static site

Yes.. on this project we just share cuteblog sourcecode full free download gratis for help you to build modern blog and website using static site generator modern with eleventy 11ty. with unique design make your blog is cute, that's why we call it cuteblog . and we have develope this project for other technology, for first we build it for astro after launch template themes for astro we have develope again for PHP generation, yes.. we develope it for pico cms, with the same concept and design.

Cuteblog 11ty for eleventy generator static site SEO

So this template for eleventy 11ty lovers.. yeah... with eleventy we can develope and build modern fast website and blog , no need database, just work with markdown file for create and update an article page or blog post, include auto SEO generate automaticly, so you can just focusing on content and write article, this is beacuse we have inject meta title, description and social card for following your title and description page or blog. Get started now and see how cuteblog concept work.

SEO blog template with cute design for eleventy 11ty modern generator static site

In home page cuteblog will displaying your lastest article, by default we set on three post, but no need wory you can change how many lastest or new article on your home page, include title, description, date publish and tags. of course with navbar menu on header.
for create new page navbar you can create new folder and name it with your page, then create files and write new page using markdown format.
Cuteblog 11ty for eleventy generator static site SEO

Example for article post page will displaying like this, in this post you can insert cover image,then write title , description,content article , input tag , publish date and more.. for create new article or update and delete you can visit on posts folder then you can see all sample post in here, just edit with you needed, or create new md.file , you can use combine markdown or html for write post article. and don't forget to save it . and automaticly your blog is displaying your new blog post .

SEO blog template with cute design for eleventy 11ty modern generator static site

And for page article you can see, this design same like post article so you can fast and easy for create new page article, just create new folder then name it with your page - and create new file markdown format then write your article in here.

SEO blog template with cute design for eleventy 11ty modern generator static site

How about peformance ?? so let's see peform using lighthouse tester , this cuteblog source code free download is very help you to create and build modern website and blog with complete peform, you no need installing plugin like cms needed, or write code for title, description just write your content and publish it. that's it.. because eleventy cuteblog will be generate automaticly your title,description and social meta.
So let's get started now download and build your modern website using eleventy 11ty
Download cuteblog11ty on github repo
Github download
or you can clone this repo with using terminal just run
git clone

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Oke now we need to install this source code right.. so before installing this project make sure you have installing node on your device, so you can download node first →.
Download node and you can install it,after installation success now you need to test node version on your device, so click icon windows on keyboard - then typing cmd, and you can see command prompt / shell bash terminal , now you can run command node -v if node displaying node version congratulation you have success installing node on your device, you can check npm version too with run command npm -v.
Oke now we need code editor beacuse we work with code editor, so download visual code studio → , and install on your devices. now we ready to run this source code template project. Oke for first you can create new folder and name it with cuteblog then extract sourcecode project on desktop/cuteblog folder . then open shell terminal or command prompt, and run this command cd C:\Users\pcname\Desktop\New folder - change pc name with your pc name, and now we can work using node, now you can run npm install then you can run cuteblog with command npm start - open web browser like mozzila or google chrome and visit localhost:8080 . congratulations you have installing cuteblog on your devices.

First Work
For first you can open cuteblog project using code editor, or you can run using node shell terminal with run command code .
now you can see all source code will displaying on your visual code studio, this time to get started a codding.......
Oke now you can open _data folder then you can see metadata.json files, just click on metadata.json file and edit title, description and cover with your title and description website blog, then save it for setting your default SEO .
Write content and create article update edit delete post, for delete post you can open posts folder and just delete article you need to delete, for edit and update just click on article then edit content title description cover and others. for create new post you need to create new file and name it with your , remember we use md files so you need to insert .md for all article post blog.
Or for simply you can just copy article and paste it, then edit with you needed.
Create a new page : for create new page you need create new folder, name it the folder with your page, and create new file name it with then edit this file, you can copy and paste format md on post article with .md files.
Post and page Structure

title: Insert title blog or page
description: This is description page and blog
date: 2022-04-21
cover: insert url image cover here
tags: insert tag here
layout: layouts/post.njk # this is by default
now you can write article in here using markdown file

Example markdown format

H1 use #

H2 use ##

H3 use ###

H4 use ####

H5 use #####

UL and LI or list use + or you can use -

Image use ![alt image](insert url image)

Link use [this is text for link](insert url link)

Or you can run this source code live codding here..

run live codding and change any code with you needed to see how cuteblog work.
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Oke we hope this project help you for build modern website and blog using static site generator, and happy codding !!

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