Free download website premium template source code with eleventy 11ty gratis

Premium template website SEO agency free download full source code

This time to build fast cool elegant website with seo agency template - free download full source code so you can update and edit with your needed for develope your project - for developer to developer.

If you have project build simple and modern site so using this template is best solutions, with full source code include so you can edit and make update with you needed, and of course you can learn about eleventy new scheme - this project is build using eleventy aka 11ty version 2, you not see again json on metadata, because zack and eleventy developer change with .js files , and in eleventy new version you will see the scheme stucture very very neat, yeah... with new features - content folder - will be easy and fast to create content and page, and with inline style css make your site super fast.

Okay now how look like this template design , here we go !!

Free download website premium template source code with eleventy 11ty gratis

Before we built of course we create scheme for this template, and yeah... we use canva for design skecth then we implement to html code and migration to eleventy for make it easy for you develope using modern site technology with 11ty static site generator, no need wory about peform because we have testedr on google lighthouse and touch perfect score.

Premium template website SEO agency free download full source code

Holly Smoke.... this great right... perfect score on lighthouse and cool on design for develope your website project, and of course include with injection SEO like meta tag, open graph and twitter card, so with this source code project you just focus on your article content and publish it, because this premium SEO agency website template is generate all SEO automaticly !!

Headless cms eleventy 11ty

Include with backend admin if you want work with headless git cms - for first you need to deploy this web app on netlify , so you need to register to netlify and create backend app integration, after you have deploy your site on netlify , now you can login on backend admin headless git cms with visit on admin area page and login with your settup for example we can use google , github or email account.

Headless cms eleventy 11ty

Blog list article you can easy for update content and article - after you have login now you will see all post and page content on admin area backend, we have develope and integration too on netlify cms so just edit configuration with your github repo , that's it... and your site is can be work with netlify headless cms integration 11ty eleventy website.

Headless cms eleventy 11ty

Just select and click on your content and update then save it. If you need to update , delete or create new content post blog article so you can select one post and edit with you needed, for create new just click new blog button and create new post and save it for update your article, after you create new post or edit you need to know if modern website is need time to build for production so you need to wait 2 or 5 minutes for check your update.

Let's Get Start Now built modern cool website premium template static site generator

Donwload Source code SEO agency 11ty
Github Download
Clone with terminal just run

git clone

Contibution with donation for support our team dev make other source code for the world.

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For first installation you need to know if eleventy is work with node js , so you can download node → then install on your devices, after installation success now you can open terminal with push windows logo button and select or search command prompt just typing cmd and enter, now you will see bash terminal is opened.
Okay now we can move your source code agency 11ty eleventy to desktop for easy installation , so create new folder and name it with agency11ty, copy paste all files from source code to your new project folder / agency11ty. and now we need to visit this folder using terminal , so open terminal push windows button and typing cmd and enter, then you can insert this command cd C:\Users\pcname\Desktop\agency11ty need to change pc name - configure with your device name. and now we can install it with run method npm install .
After installation node_module success now we can test your web app on local device with run npm start then visit localhost:8080. and viola congratulations you have run your web app on your device.
For build production mode you can run npm run build , or you can use _site folder and push or upload on your hosting for deploy your eleventy site.

Cloud online installation , if you want to deploy on live hosting so you can register on github, and create github account , then you can visit this repo then click fork button , for copy this source code project on your github repo, okay after you have fork repo, so you need register on netlify , just create account using github , and create new project , and select your github repo, and deploy it... that's it your site is live now !!

Scheme and concept themes, SEO Customise - for first you can open source code project, then you can customise with you needed, we can change title and description SEO website on _data/metadata.js - change title, description and other with you needed.
Now you can change and update home page with visit on content/ - and change anything and save it. for edit and update about page you can visit on content/about/, for update delete and create new article blog you can visit on content/blog/

All project we build using eleventy 11ty you can download it free too...
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