Best CMS with SEO new update

If you need a CMS with great SEO maybe you can choice a wordpress and grav.
but drupal,joomla , blogger blogspot and many more cms is great SEO to if you know detail about the cms.
Why i chose wordpress and Grav ??
Is a simple because wordpress and Grav support with SEO modules, very easy to setting it.
Wordpress with Yoast SEO or all in one seo pack is very powerfull.
GRAV with flatfile with markdown very fast loading and support many SEO plugins like auto SEO , Google SEO,Sitemap and many more.
And the others wordpress and grav very easy to customise , if why i choice a wordpress and grav.
How about other cms like drupal , joomla,flextype , kirby , jekyll , and more, usualy if you know about detail the cms you can make you website SEO powerfull in page one google. of course with optimation like a update post , ping or submit url for backlink,and more.
Wordpress is popular cms in the world if why wordpress is very easy and powerfull for SEO update,many community in wordpress. try wordpress donwload here
Grav is new CMS with very popular in flatfile category CMS, and grav is the winner best flatfile CMS awward by CMS critic.
if you wana try grav lets try getgrav
So what is Best CMS with SEO new update - the choice in your hand what you know detail CMS of course is the best CMS SEO for you.

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