Blogspot to jekyll

Migration from blogger blogspot to jekyll very fast and easy 🥳

Migration from blogger blogspot to jekyll very fast and easy 🥳

    Well… with the jekyll importer plugin, now we can easily and quickly move our blogspot blog to jekyll, then why do we use jekyll??

    Now the question is, can jekyll run fast with 1k articles?? and yes… we have tried and implemented it, this blog contains 1500 articles both post pages and blog content, and jekyll can handle this easily!!

    Run build time of only 32 seconds !!

    Superb !!

    Before using jekyll we started running this site using blogspot blogger, we created a custom theme, we also optimized… but when you use mobile to access your website, you will be redirected to /?m= this is the mobile version for blogspot, and it has drawbacks with redirect to this mobile-only page. because it will affect the speed of your site.

    And yes.. we have inject google ads script, it is very heavy loading for all page, we can’t hide it in custom page, because we need to include ad script code in </head> with this step of course ad script is ready for all your page , you can’t customize other pages if you don’t need to use ad scripts. its a problem, because with this ad script your site is very heavy on page load if you have test on google lighthouse.

    this is the reason why we finally decided to go with jekyll.

    and actually we also feel very comfortable with blogspot blogger, we admit that this is the best blogging platform in our opinion, because it is owned by Google, and it is very secure.

    How to migration for blogspot blogger to jekyll ??

    for first make sure you have blog on blogspot platform, then you will need to backup your content. visit on settings - scroll down - configure blog - and backup your content.

    you will download .xml backup files

    After that now you can open your jekyll project, or you can use our free jekyll themes template , download jekyll themes →

    Move your backup.xml files to jekyll project on root.

    Next step :

    we have two options , options one if your blog have under 50 article content so you can select this step .if your blogspot have 1000 article so you can use options 2.

    Blogspot to jekyll import options 1

    we need install feedjira so open terminal on root jekyll project then run gem install feedjira

    and we need to install httparty so run terminal with this command gem install httparty

    now create new migrate.rb files on root jekyll project , open and edit with code editor and copy paste this script code

    include RbConfig
    require 'rubygems' if CONFIG['host_os'].start_with? "darwin"
    require 'feedjira' # gem install feedjira
    require 'date'
    require 'optparse'
    require 'httparty' # gem install httparty
    def parse_post_entries(feed, verbose)
      posts = []
      feed.entries.each do |post|
        obj =
        created_datetime = post.updated
        creation_date = Date.parse(created_datetime.to_s)
        title = post.title
        file_name = creation_date.to_s + "-" + title.split(/  */).join("-").delete('\/') + ".html"
        content = post.content
        obj["file_name"] = file_name
        obj["title"] = title
        obj["creation_datetime"] = created_datetime
        obj["updated_datetime"] = post.updated
        obj["content"] = content
        obj["categories"] = post.categories.join(" ")
      return posts
    def write_posts(posts, verbose)
      Dir.mkdir("_posts") unless"_posts")
      total = posts.length, i = 1
      posts.each do |post|
        file_name = "_posts/".concat(post["file_name"])
        header = %{---           
    layout: post
    title: #{post["title"]}
    date: #{post["creation_datetime"]}
    updated: #{post["updated_datetime"]}
    comments: false
    categories: #{post["categories"]}
    }, "w+") {|f|
        if verbose
          puts "  [#{i}/#{total[0]}] Written post #{file_name}"
          i += 1
    def main
      options = {}
      opt_parser = do |opt|
        opt.banner = "Usage: ./blogger_to_jekyll.rb FEED_URL [OPTIONS]"
        opt.separator ""
        opt.separator "Options"
        opt.on("-v", "--verbose", "Print out all.") do
          options[:verbose] = true
      if ARGV[0]
        feed_url = ARGV.first
        puts opt_parser
      puts "Fetching feed #{feed_url}..."
      xml = HTTParty.get("").body
      feed = Feedjira.parse(xml)
      puts "Parsing feed..."
      posts = parse_post_entries(feed, options[:verbose])
      puts "Writing posts to _posts/..."
      write_posts(posts, options[:verbose])
      puts "Done!"

    note : change with your blogspot or your domain name .

    then open terminal again and run migration command ruby migrate.rb

    now you can see on _posts folder all your blog post article from blogspot will be export in to jekyll.

    so let’s run your jekyll and view your jekyll site - blogspot to jekyll import article , run this command

    bundle exec jekyll serve or use jekyll serve

    then open web browser and visit on localhost:4000

    congratulations you have successfully import your blog post article to jekyll.

    Blogspot to jekyll import options 2

    If you have many post article content let’s say you have 1k article so you can use this step.

    or you can read jekyll blogspot importer documentation here →

    download you backup-blogspot.xml files and move to your jekyll project

    after that we need to install importer plugins,open your terminal and run gem install rexml safe_yaml

    Now we need to create new files - so just create new files and rename it with blogger.rb

    then open files and copy paste this blogspot to jekyll script →

    now open your Gemfile and add gem 'jekyll-import'

    open terminal and run bundle install

    and we can import blogspot post with run

    bundle exec jekyll import blogger --source blog.xml --no-blogger-info --replace-internal-link --comments

    or use

    jekyll import blogger --source blog.xml --no-blogger-info --replace-internal-link --comments

    that’s it !!

    run your jekyll site bundle exec jekyll serve and open localhot:4000

    Congratulations you have successfully to migration from blogspot to jekyll !!

    Now you just need to create permalink concept on _config.yml for make same with blogspot url link , for example jekyll by default is use

    blogspot is use

    so if you need to fix url link same with blogspot, you just need settup your _post permalink on _config.yml

    you can follow how to create permalink on jekyll here →

    with fix this permalink so you not lose your blog url for SEO reason. like this site is use custom permalink with

    We hope this article help you for migration progress from blogspot to jekyll

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