Angular Blog New modern with SEO

Angular Blog New modern with SEO

Download Angular Blog CMS

Angular is a modern framework and popular framework for develope new modern website or application, many developer using angular to buil and develope website or application project. product by google with many features make powerfull for using build web and application.

for demo :

Angular Blog New modern with SEO

So why must use angular?? elegant powerfull and fast make simple website application with angular. using static site generator make your web is very fast for progresive web application or single page application.angular is best solutions for new generation modern website.

We have develope Angular Blog New modern with SEO , just a static site this is a rocket website !! make easy for create artcile and uploading foto, just write your content on blog.ts and violaa....!!! now you are using modern blog platform develope using angular.

Angular Blog New modern with SEO

Now how to download and install this blog web apps ?? for first you need to install npm node js , git , and angular

Download Npm → Download Git →

After download requipment now you can install angular on your desktop pc , just open npm with click on windows logo then typing npm - enter, now you can see npm / cmd display. and then run the command

npm install -g @angular/cli

After angular installation finisih you can download angular blog on sourceforge or github. for github you can download on video link, for sourceforge you can download on button.

Download Angular Blog CMS

After download angular blog you can extract file and paste on your blog project folder. copy all files and then right click and select git bash here, now you can run command

npm install

After installation succsessfull now you can run angular blog on git bash with command

ng serve

Now open your web browser localhost:8000 your angular blog is ready now.

For first you need to modify a code with your needed like change blog article information and change a title for SEO. open project folder and open with your favorite editor like visual code or notepad ++

You can SEO title or insert google html tag on /src/index.html file. and you can change article or insert a article on /src/app/blog.ts , on blog.ts you must need to follow blog format for update create or edit article in angular blog.

blog schema :
title : is a title for article blog post.
image : paste url image in here for displaying on your article post.
description : for description article blog post.
content : you can write article blog post in here.
And save it . and congratullations now you modern blog with angular is live with your content.

Update your blog now with Angular Blog New modern with SEO

Here we go the source code and demo.

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