Gatsby Update cant run gatsby develop ??

Yess... i have a update form old gatsby to lastest version but, if i wan to run my project gatsby can't open my project. so what must i do for solved this ??
on comand promp windows or npm you can read the inform , you must delete gatsby sharp from your node_modules folder, after delete it you can run npm install, and run gatsby develop.. violaaaa.... you can open on your localhost:8000 your gatsby project run normaly.

Or maybe somethings wrong if gatsby can open with your command like check gastby -v you must  check the configuration environment variables and path your gastby cli in to path folder,just click on path line and create new and then configure with where gatsby CLI location , example : C:\Users\pc-name\AppData\Roaming\npm or C:\Users\nama-PC\$AppData\Roaming\npm where gatsby located.

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