How to install and use free download application software point of sale source code pos - clean pos

How to install and use free download application software point of sale source code pos - clean pos
For the first you need download and follow the procedure installation with third party application needed like XAMP WAMP LAMPP . if you have xampp you just go and install this free download application software point of sale in you local server. or install in you cloud host or shared hosting if you need.
Download How to install and use free download application software point of sale source code pos - clean pos procedure :
1. Download now from download page -> click here and follow instruction.
For the first You can create new folder and rename it with pos foloder in to c:/xampp/htdocs and then open the download file extract zip and move all file to pos can play the video for more detail.

2. After move folder open source code point of sale free download , you can open web server localhost/phpmyadmin to create new databased rename with pos databased.noted we use php version 7.1.7, or play video fir detail instruction.

3. After create new databased you can import databased from c:xampp/htdocs/pos database.sql file , you must click import on web server localhost/phpmyadmin and then import the databased or watch video to follow procedure.

4. Now you need configure databased and config in C:/xampp/htdocs/pos/application/config folder edit config file with notepad change base url with you localhost or play video for detail.

5. You need configuration POS App with you databased now you can edit and configure database file on C:/xampp/htdocs/pos/application/ and edit the database.php with you user name and password if you create new user account on phpmhyadmin or leave empty if you don't have user account.

6. Start POS App - If you have finish installation procedure you can access pos APPs, open web browser and visit localhost/pos in you web server, now pos app is open you can login with user name admin and password admin for administrator the video for moder detail.

7. For the first you can create databased in databased menu, you can create user staff for login this pos app,register supplier for purchase order , and register you product in to categories product for grouping the product , product based for register product with wholesale and retail price , if you set wholesale and retail price this pos app automatic sell with deferent price with price you setting in wholesale and retail on product databased.

8. After create databased now you bussines or shop ready for transacation, you can use purchase order , wholesale sale for wholesale transacation, or retail sale for point of sale , and return to return wholesale transacation, you can play the video for more detail how to use transacation menu.

9. Inventori stock management to manage you stock product, for use this feature watch the video for details.

10. Now you can check the transaction and profit income report on report details,play video for details how to use a report menu.

Clean pos a free download open source code software program kasir point of sale gratis for you bussines shop store . i Hope this article How to install and use free download application software point of sale source code pos - clean pos help you bussines.

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