Next JS Starter sekeleton project themes template

Free download and open source code Next JS Starter sekeleton project themes template markdown.

Free download and open source code Next JS Starter sekeleton project  themes template markdown.


  • React Framework
  • Js Lang
  • JSON Data
  • Next JS
  • Modern Host support netlify vercel cloudflare and others
  • Build production host firebase surge cpanel vps direct admin plesk and others
  • Headless CMS integration Decap Netlify CMS Strapi Tina CMS Cloudcannon Prose and others

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Documentation # .

How to install and work with Next JS themes template project.

Local Installation # .

  • Download and install Node JS on your devices
  • Download Source Code Project
  • Create New folder on desktop name it with your project.
  • Extract source code files in to your project.
  • Access with terminal run 'cd C:\Users\pcname\Desktop\yourproject' change pcname with your pc name and change yourproject with your new project.
  • Run Installation with Terminal npm install && npm run dev
  • Open localhost:3000
  • For stop , you can presh ctrl+C

Work with Next js themes template # .

For update article page - open data folder , and open .json files - update with you needed.

Push On Github # .

  • Create account on github
  • Create new repo and name it with your project
  • Create new folder on desktop name it with yourproject and extract all source code files in to project folder
  • Open terminal and access your project run cd C:\Users\pcname\Desktop\project change pcname with your pc name.
  • Visit your github repo and copy paste all command on github repo in to your terminal.
  • run this command git init && git add . && git commit -m "my first commit" && git remote add origin git push -u origin main need to change username with your github username , and myrepo with your repo project name , and main with your github repo default branch for example main or master - check on your github repo.

Make your website online # .

  • You can use neltify , vercel , cloudflare pages for deploy your website blog project - recommended.
  • Create account with your github account on vercel ,netlify , cloudflare ,then create new project on vercel / netlify , for cloudflare you can create new cloudflare pages.
  • After you have create new project now you can integration your github repo, select your repo project, and select next js framework , then click deploy.
  • Congratulations your next blog website is live now !!

Read detail documentation :

Thank You by using Next JS Starter themes template project # .

We hope with this source code you can build modern website for your project.

Project # .

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