Python Django CMS website themes template

Free download and open source code python django cms blog website themes template.

Free download and open source code python django cms blog website themes template.


  • Python Tech
  • Fullstack Django
  • SEO Focus
  • Django Admin
  • CMS Blog
  • Create Python App Host

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How to # .

  • Download Python
  • Extract Source code files in to your project folder
  • Access project folder with terminal
  • Install Django run pip install django
  • Create VENV run python -m venv venv
  • Activate VENV run venv\Scripts\activate
  • Migration Database run python makemigrations
  • Insert Database in to project run python migrate
  • Create user run phyton createsuperuser or py createsuperuser
  • Run Project py runserver
  • Open localhost:8000
  • For login on admin area visit localhost:8000/admin
  • Login with your username and password
  • And now you can work with this django project.

Make your django website blog online # .

  • Make sure your hosting support with Python app
  • Create python app
  • Run django installation on terminal
  • Upload source code in to python django
  • Restart python app

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Django website blog themes template