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Build and develope modern headless cms with cloudcannon and eleventy 11ty - free download source code.

Build and develope modern headless cms with cloudcannon and eleventy 11ty - free download source code.


  • Node JS
  • Eleventy 11TY
  • CloudCannon
  • Easy Installation
  • Headless CMS
  • Modern static host support for svelte frontend like netlify vercel cloudflare pages cloudcannon and others.
  • Documentation Ready
  • Full Source Code Themes Template Project

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Cloudcannon Blog website themes template Content Docs

This is a source code for help you built modern website with eleventy integration with headless cloudcannon cms.

Installation # .

  • Download Source Code Project
  • Download and Install Node JS
  • Create new project folder and extract all source code files in to your new project folder.
  • Access your new project using terminal
  • Run installation npm install && npm start
  • Open web browser localhost:8080
  • Configuration your website in _data/metadata.json
  • Update content article in content folder - then create your files, and insert fontformatter. Or you can copy paste from example article, then edit with you needed.
  • For build production mode you can run npm run build and upload your _site folder.
  • For push on github, you need to create github account , then create new repo, and push your source code project in to your github repo.

Integration Cloudcannon Host & CMS # .

  • Make sure you have registered with CloudCannon on their official website, in this registration process we can use several accounts, such as GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket and so on.
  • After registering on CloudCannon, now is the time to log in and access your account. Later we will enter the dashboard.
  • Add a new site from your git repo, cloudcannon will automatically create your backend admin area - just click sync files.
  • And congratulations, now your site is ready, and can work using CloudCannon Headless CMS.

Project # .

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