PHP Native Static CMS

Source code free download PHP native cms website SEO.

Source code free download PHP native cms website SEO.


  • Native
  • PHP Lang
  • Static Concept
  • Landing Page Themes
  • Easy Installation
  • Auto SEO Injection
  • All PHP host support Cpanel Plesk and Others
  • Documentation Ready
  • Full Source Code Themes Template Project

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Documentation # .

  • Download source code project
  • Upload in to your hosting
  • Finish

Folder Structure # .

  • Assets for your static files, example image and others.
  • Content for write your content article
  • Template for website themes

Content Article # .

For create content article , you need to create new .php files in root, then you also need to insert your content into page, so you can create new .php files in content folder and insert your article in here.

Page format on root # .

<?php include 'content/about.php'; ?>
<?php include 'widget/start.php'; ?>
<?php include 'template/post.php'; ?>
<?php include 'widget/footer.php'; ?>

Need to change include content/about.php change with your content example content/newpost.php

Content Article format on content folder # .

       Your base url for page example
        " ;
        insert url image here
        Title goes here
        " ;
        Description goes here
        write article content section
       write article content section 1
        write article content section 2        

Documentation details :

Project # .

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