Unique Landing Page Website Free Download

Free download grunge project - full source code unique landing page design concept.

Free download grunge project - full source code unique landing page design concept.


  • Flatifle CMS
  • PHP Lang
  • Unique Landing Page
  • Easy Installation
  • Auto SEO Injection
  • All PHP host support Cpanel Plesk and Others
  • Documentation Ready
  • Full Source Code Themes Template Project

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Unique Landing Page Website Free Download Content Docs

How to install # .

  • Download full source code project
  • Upload on your hosting
  • Visit your site and run installation
  • By default user is admin - but you can change it later.
  • Insert password and BOOM !! Your site is live.

How to work

Start - Access your admin panel with visit on yourweb/admin

Login - Insert your password , and you will redirect to admin dashboard panel.

Settup - Now you need configure your website - SETTINGS - General Add your title , description and others on this area, you can click tab menu for change website configuration. Next you can open on custom field menu and insert this code - just copy and paste

"intro": { 
"type": "string", 
"label": "Intro", 
"tip": "Insert introduction information" 
"about_us": { 
"type": "string", 
"label": "About Us", 
"tip": "Insert About us information" 
"product": { 
"type": "string", 
"label": "Product Services", 
"tip": "Insert your product services information" 
"what_we_do": { 
"type": "string", 
"label": "What We Do", 
"tip": "Insert What we do information" 
"love": { 
"type": "string", 
"label": "With Love", 
"tip": "Insert With Love information" 

And save it

a. Now we need to settup content for your home page. Create new content name it with your own for example welcome - need to configure on options - change from default to be static - and insert landing page on custom tabs , then save it. b. Now we need configure home page - visit settings - general - click on advance tabs - Predefined pages - Home page - input your content in here,for example welcome. and save it.

Plugins - Now you need to activate plugins, for support your SEO and themes design UI. - visit on plugins area. Now you need to activate sitemap, rss, twitter card, open graph too..

Users - For security reason you can add new user for admin on user area, then you can delete admin user if you want.

Categories - Ok, now you can create categories for your post and page , on categories menu, create your categories and save it.

Content - You can create new content on create new content menu, for edit you can visit on content area and click one article you want to edit or delete it. Add tags ,description ,cover image you can click advance tab on top article textarea menu - and insert cover image, description and tag in here. Static is static page - is for create static page like about , contact and others. Default is for create new blog post Sticky is for sticky blog post


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