Decap CMS Web Dev # .

Do you have a frontend website project and need to make it easy to update article content and change the UI design of your site?? If so, you need to develop your backend CMS.

To develop your Headless CMS we can use the concept of git base, with gitbase cms we can work and update quickly, it doesn't require any complex integration, what we need is to integrate and organize your backend with your frontend repo project.

There are many variations of Gitbase CMS that we can use, one more thing and the best in our opinion is that you can use Decap CMS.

So why do we use decap cms?? Decap allows developers to customize collections, files and more, with this concept we can easily implement what files and folders we need to integrate from frontend project with decap cms.

You can learn and see how decap cms work by download our source code project decap cms starter, Download Decap CMS Starter →

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